Doctor Saad

Doctor Saad is a blind, medical masseur living in Kao Yao Yai, Thailand. He has been treating and healing people from all over the world for more than 30 years. His favorite saying is ‘no pain, no gain’, which illustrates his approach; his massages are not directly aimed at being pleasurable, but focused at fixing (chronic) problems that you might have in your body for a long, long time. He inherited his healing power from his mother, who herself inherited it from her mother, which makes Doctor Saad the 3rd generation healer in his family. ‘My hand is my eye’, according to Doctor Saad, ‘and your energy comes to me through my hands and this is how I can feel what I need to do and how I can heal you’. He has a little private clinic in the middle of Koh Yao, located beautifully in the middle of nature, rice fields and coconut trees.

089 685 9940